We teach the how-to for Social-Emotional Learning

We understand how busy a day in the classroom is for teachers, and we know how important social-emotional learning is for a student’s well-being.

Our professional development approach weaves academic and social-emotional learning into everyday K-12 instruction so that students, educators, families, and communities thrive.

Joanne McEachen

Waitaha, Ngāti Māmoe, and Ngāi Tahu
CEO / Founder

We want to guide every student and educator to lifelong success and wellbeing through their discovery of how they can contribute to the world.

“By reflecting students’ identities and aspirations in what, how, and where they learn, teachers and their students can create positive environments that are rooted in the process of Contributive Learning—in discovering who they are, connecting with others, developing knowledge and competency, and, as a result of their learning, adding meaning and joy to the world in their ways.”

SEL Professional Development that is blended, personalized, student centered, and manageable.

Our K-12 professional development approach weaves SEL across all subjects and our sequence of leadership and teacher workshops are designed to strengthen academic learning through:

    • Self-Understanding
    • Connection
    • Knowledge
    • Competency

Our research-driven process utilizes your school’s or district’s strengths and needs, using built-in measurement and assessment tools to track progress and inform your next steps.

“I’m constantly thinking now… I’m trying to be a lot more intentional about how I design lessons. I want to make sure that they’re purposeful, that they’re engaging.”

“It’s making me much more aware of my classroom, and therefore the needs of the kids… It’s also made me a much calmer teacher, much more thoughtful and a much calmer person in the classroom.”

“It’s been so powerful to see the change in attitude of the teachers. Seeing another side of the students has really ignited the souls of my staff.”

“What is it that makes these students tick, what are their barriers, what are their strengths, and how can we use that to deliver really engaging curriculum? It’s a deeper dive into the student as a whole.”

“We have a lot more discourse and dialogue now about being intentional and considering the needs of students.”

“Teacher conversations and allowing them to learn from each other has really helped. You can see their eyes just light up… Just having them share those stories of their kids, their faces change, their voices change.”

“By staff getting to know students, learning something about them, and doing something positive with that information, we are gaining momentum for change.”

Ready to get started?

Contributive Learning develops self-understanding, connection, knowledge, and competency.

When these come together, we add to the world. And that leads to meaning, fulfillment, and well-being.

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Develop self-understanding.
Cultivate knowledge.
Foster competency.
Make connections.

Don’t bring down—lift people up.
Don’t subtract—add to the world.

Learn to contribute, in your way, every day.